Rabu, 21 April 2010

hey there ! I want to tell you what I loveee to hear these weeks

B.O.B feat Bruno Mars - Nothin' On You

Jay-Z Feat Mr.Hudson - Young Forever 

Jamie Foxx Feat Justin Timberlake & T.I - Winner
Ke$ha - Your Love Is My Drug

*jeng jeng ....*
Hottest band on the planet for today
The Script - Breakeven

The script are an Irish pop band, from Dublin, Ireland. And the Frontman has a really wonderfull voice . I love The script so much ! what about you ? What's your anthem of the day ?

Jumat, 09 April 2010


Vintage is the new modern, i guess. well, i am not a huge fan of vintage things ! but being oldschool is effortlessly stylish, right ? okay it's not that simple like wearing everything inside your mom's closet mixed with braided hair *it's not vintage chan ! it's boho !* anyweeeeyyy, it needs lil work but finding vintage things are so much easily and cheaper !
so this is me , here standing next to my boyfriend , begging to have a very vintage photoshoot taken by his camera... 

so i did my vintage photoshoot ! yaiy !! of course with my personal photographer a.k.a MR.S ;D. We had a lot of argumentation about what it takes to be vintage . And then voila ! he found the perfect place and me, my self, found this exciting red lacey macey dress and a necklace, and a pair of black pump shoes. heee *i know i know , pump shoes is not related to vintage, but pump shoes is cute, i need it ! i swear i will wear it again someday* 
And by clicking the black button i dont know what to called on his d-slr , we made some cool vintage photos ! and i love it ! what about u ? =) - pardon my english, i 'm trying. i am not good at both english and bahasa, bahasa makes my words sounds lebay =D-


me waiting in vain ;D
Lady in the dark -)
 I am so happpy
thanks to you mr. photographer !